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Below is a quick description of our basic charter services. Check them out and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. If you know what you want then book online and leave a deposit to secure the date and Captain Derek will contact you to finalize the details of your trip.


Marathon Trip - 12 Hours

These trips were originally designed for the more seasoned and hardcore anglers that are willing to "go the distance". Generally the longer trips allow for more cruising time to reach fishing grounds not as readily accessible during a typical day trip. They also afford each angler more bottom time to fill the coolers. The marathon trip has been long a favorite and highly popular trip with returning fishermen. 

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Tuna Trips - 12 Hours

Do you want to take your fishing to the next level and bag the big prize? Gather the troops and book a trip to take down the elusive bluefin tuna. These trips give anglers a chance to experience the thrill of fishing for these amazing creatures. The permitting and harvesting regulations are quite complex and the F/V All In can only operate under a single permit to fish for them. Booking via phone call is preferred for these trips to both ensure availability and to explain the specifics of the trip in regards to the fisheries oversight.  

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Full Day - 9 Hours

The Full Day trip is the "bread and butter" of recreational party boat fishing trips. Gather some friends and family to embark on a full day at sea fishing for the bounties of the sea. 

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Extended Full Day - 10 Hours

Much like the full day trip you will find yourself at sea harvesting the many species that inhabit the gulf of Maine.  Haddock are the more common species but the fishing grounds are rife with other fish just as delicious and fun to catch. 

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Extended Half-Day - 6 Hours

Much like the half day trip, the extended half day runs the same fishing grounds close to shore with an additional two hours of fishing time. The half day charters can be  trips provide  

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Half-Day - 4 Hours

The half day trips are great trips for beginners to gauge their interest in the deep sea fishing experience. The target species is just the same as a full day trip; haddock, pollock and cusk to name a few. 

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