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What We Offer

While this isn't a comprehensive list of everything we are capable of offering each season, you can find descriptions of the most common trips in our playbook.

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These trips are our specialty. The charter experience is when you invite 20 or so of your closest friends and family to spend the day at sea fishing. You can start small with a half day experience bottom fishing or even staying close to the beach to land the sporty striped bass. Also you can go "All In' and charter a marathon 12 hour trip to fill those freezers back home with all sorts of species of north Atlantic fish; Haddock, Cod, Cusk, Red Fish, & Hake just to name a few. See below for descriptions of our most popular trips.

Open Party Trips

We also run a series of trips for the individuals and small groups in the event that you can't find another 29 people that are as interested as you in probing the depths of the atlantic ocean for a bounty. We run a variety of trips from our highly popular Limited Load Haddock Trips (10 Hrs) to our afternoon or evening Striped Bass Trips. Start your journey here and in no time you will develop a bond with many like minded anglers from all walks of life. Who knows..maybe you partner up and charter a boat to tailor your experience in the immediate future.

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There are so many other options available for a good time. We began running tuna trips last fall and it was a huge hit. Captain Derek got a few trips under his belt to gauge the interest and the response has been simply overwhelming. Look towards the end of the season when these planned trips are announced. We leave super early and the sunrise offshore is amazing. While fishing is the bulk of the trips we offer you can always reach out for any other ideas you may have; whale watching, school trips, coastal cruising, fireworks sunset cruises, and anything else you can think of. Give us a call to discuss options and pricing.

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