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Monday, March 14, 2016


We have been getting the boat ready with the nice weather over the past week. We have been updating some of the systems on board and the running gear (prop, bearings, steering) to this point. Once we get our new hatches installed we will be unwrapping the boat and installing some new LED lights and touching up some paint. This is also the time of year that we go through all of our safety gear and make sure that everything is functioning as it should and not expired. 
Our first trip is set for May 1 this season. There is some good news on the fishing front. Nothing in stone that I know of yet but the rumors are that we could be in for a major increase in the haddock bag limit and they may be doing away with the April and September closure. There is also word that we may be able to keep a cod or two per person in August and September. 
Last season with the heavy restrictions on the bottom fishing we focused on the inshore fishery for most of the year. I was able to expand my options for striped bass fishing and really zero in on some new areas where some large fish hung around. Hopefully with the bottom fishery looking up coupled with similar striper fishing we will be able to have a banner summer of fishing aboard the Nor'easter. 
I have been taking some calls and booking some dates in May. There are still some open weekend days and the midweeks are wide open. 
Our pricing will be the same this year as it was last year as long as the fuel prices stay down like they are now. All day trips will be $750 for 8.5 hours in the water, Half days are $425 and our after work weekday special striper trips are $300 for 3 hours in the late afternoon or evening. We do offer longer trips of 10 and 12 hours and will be open for bluefin tuna and shark charters anytime after the 4th of July. Call for pricing on those trips. 
I hope everyone had a great winter and is ready to make some memories while filling some coolers with fresh fish this season!

See you in 47 days! (But who's counting)


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