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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Early May fish report

We started last weekend with an all day trip out to the ledge. Weather was decent by 2015 standards thus far. We had temps in the low 50's and light south wind in the morning that turned into a stiff sea breeze in the afternoon. The conditions on anchor where perfect for fishing in the morning even with the full moon tide. The current picked up in the afternoon but we were only fishing in 175' of water so the lines were not awful. The catching was very good all day. We started by trying to set on an edge where some softer bottom turned into rocks in hopes that we would catch haddock and pick at some cusk and redfish at the same time. The boat swung out into the soft stuff almost immediately however and we caught mostly haddock with some nice cod mixed in that we threw back. I moved after about an hour and a half to get right up on top of some hard bottom after we had nearly limited out on haddock. We picked at some nice reds and cusk at the second stop and caught a couple big wolf fish. The haddock bit just as well on the rocks as they had in the soft bottom so we limited out and threw plenty of keeper sized haddock back (thanks noaa!) The trip was a success and we all had a great time out there.

This week I have been replacing a faulty fuel tank and doing some other maintenance on the boat. I am hoping to have everything back together by the weekend but at this point it feels more likely that we will get it back together some time over the weekend.
The stripers are getting close. I have heard reports of fish around plum island and expect a charge of fish into seacoast nh by Memorial Day weekend. I have plenty of weekday openings including Memorial Day Monday. The weekends are filling up but I still have some available and can certainly find a day to get you out there! Give us a call to get your trip booked!  


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