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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We have been hosed

August was a good month of fishing for us. We managed many successful striper trips with fish up to 40". The bluefish made a quick appearance at the very end of the month and we were able to have a few good runs at them. The cod and haddock fishing on the ledge remained excellent! When we had the right weather conditions we caught lots of fish offshore... 
As of September 1 we have struggled to find any consistency striper fishing inshore and the bluefish have taken off back to wherever it is bluefish take off to when they leave here. Normally September and October are excellent months out on Jeffery's targeting cod, haddock and pollack as long as it isn't too windy to get out there... Well this year we have been royally screwed. The national marine fisheries service and it's appointed officials have told us (all recreational fisherman) that we are catching too many fish and can no longer keep cod and haddock in the months of September and October. I wouldn't be as worked up over this if A) they didn't lead us on all summer saying everything was contingent on research that would be completed by the beging of August only to wait until the last Friday in August just before they locked up for the night to tell us "no changes". B) every boat and person that I know who fishes from northern mass to Maine are all reporting more haddock than anyone has ever seen. Oh yea and C) while we are home wondering how we could possibly be responsible for killing off all of the cod and haddock by fishing with 6 people and a couple gallons of clams, commercial fishing for cod and haddock has not closed and is operating business as usual. So an emergency closure to save the fish for 2 months that only applies to people who don't fish with nets? Seriously? I could go on for about 200 pages with all of the contradictions, inconsistencies and straight up stupidity that the nmfs (your tax dollars hard at work and a ton of them at that!) has perpetuated since it's the very beginning of it's existence. If anyone really wants to get into it give me a call, I can go forever on it. 
So that being said we are still fishing... The pollack start showing up in better numbers as the fall goes on. There are cusk, redfish, hake and whiting to catch along with them. As I am typing this I got a report from a friend who has landed 8 stripers in the Hampton river in the last hour so maybe this famed "fall run" of stripers is going to happen after all. Get in touch if you want to get out we would love to take you and could cetrainly use the support after the hose job the government just slapped on us all.


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