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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurricane Arthur and what followed!

The storm couldn't have come at worse time for this industry around here. Early in the week talks of a few sprinkles on the 4th itself seemed like all we had to worry about. Come Thursday morning we began to realize that this years Independence Day was going to celebrated while dealing with a pretty close swipe by a category 1 hurricane. The storm was not significant here as far as hurricanes go. It was far enough away that some torrential rain for a few hours and some screeching northwest wind behind it were all we had to fend off. 
The boat got out for a striper trip behind the storm. They fished in very windy conditions but luckily it was a land breeze and all of the striped bass are tucked right in close to shore so it was calm. The mackerel bit like crazy in the morning and the stripers were pretty hungry in the afternoon by the sounds of it. We were in today and are a available for offshore and inshore fishing all week. I went fishing as a deckhand on one of the party boats today and we saw some very nice sized fish show up on Jeffery's. Not a ton however it is a bit more difficult to fish on the big boat with 50 people than it is off of our boat with only six. We had cod up to 20 lbs and pollack in the same size class. Would love to get back out there on a six pack trip and see what kind of damage we could do! 
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