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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day weekend striper slam

Well we started off the weekend with an offshore trip targeting bottom fish. A huge swell left over from a nasty day on Friday made for a bumpy ride out. There was no wind at all on Saturday and it turned out to be a beautiful day after the trip out to the ledge. We found that all the wind Friday shook things up on jefferies ledge quite a bit. The whales had moved on, the dogfish had showed up (luckily still on the surface) and the fish were finicky. We managed an alright catch of cod and haddock but we had to move a lot and really work hard to catch what we did. 
The striper trips started with a bite of fish ranging from 26"-38" on Saturday night with our two hour bass trip. Mackerel were not an issue and the stripers didn't seem to care that it was dead low tide. (Moon tide at that!) They gobbled up all 25-30 live mackerel we had in about an hour and a half. When all was said and done we had managed a bunch of keepers, a bunch of shorts and some very happy customers (what a great Father's Day gift!)
Captain Derek had a bass trip on Sunday as well and they had similar results. More schoolies than we had the night before and a good pile of keepers by the end of it. 
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