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Monday, May 12, 2014


I was kicking myself around noontime on Saturday for rescheduling that days trip. Sitting in my yard with temps pushing 80 and not a breath of wind it was hard to imagine I had made the correct decision. At 4am the bouy at the Isle of Shoals was reading 22kts gusting to 25kts straight from the south. I waited until the 5am update when the wind had not dropped off to bail on the day. Of course by noon contrary to what the weathermen told us would happen the breeze was down to just that, a light sea breeze no more than 10kts at the islands. Some of the larger boats in the area ventured out to jefferies ledge and the reports I got when they came back made me feel like less of a donkey. The wind offshore never quit until the ride home. There was a big sea, it was cold, and the fog was thick as well. Basically my decision was confirmed to be correct around 6pm but boy was I down on myself from about noon until then. 
We had a quick 2 hour striped bass trip this evening... Good news it was a perfect evening weather wise, warm, sunny and calm.... Bad news the stripers have not moved into our area just yet. With the amount of baitfish and birdlife in the river I am sure it is only a matter of days before they charge up from the south, just hasn't happened as of today. 
We will be out Thursday, Saturday and Sunday weather permitting this week! Check back for another report!


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