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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Grind em out!

Grinding them out is exactly what we had to do this weekend. We left Hampton Harbor at 8am with a mixed charter. A local family of four and two regular customers picked a perfect weather day to head out to Jefferies on the hunt for bottom fish. We arrived at the ledge just after 9:30 and quickly started catching haddock. We kept a few early but most of the fish coming aboard were just an inch or so undersized. We slid farther out and off the backside of the ledge I to some deeper water where we found some larger fish. The bite was slow and steady for most of the afternoon with a mix of cod, haddock and a couple larger cusk. By the time all was said and done we had a respectable amount of keepers on board and everyone had fresh fish for dinner... Some for quite a while.

The weather tomorrow has forced us to reschedule a group that planned on going offshore. We have openings Thursday and Friday and are available for a half day on Saturday. Next week looks wide open as well! Give us a call and get down here!

cusk fish
Big Joe with his cusk! 

haddock fish
Anthony with his nice haddock! 


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