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Sunday, March 5, 2017


The 2017 season is fast approaching and we are already booking dates for the sprin and summer. April 15 is opening day this year. Give us a call and get back out on the water this season. 6039183627 the line will be turned on this week!
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Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July weekend.

June was an absolutely outstanding month for striped bass fishing. The fish came in early, they came in hungry and now they are coming in big. We have been averaging just shy of a limit of keepers on each trip. The numbers have been incredible. We have had as many as 40-50 stripers landed on a single half day trip. There are several openings in July. Last year the biggest fish we caught all year were hooked in the month of July. If you want to capture a trophy striper this year it's time to go. 
The haddock and pollack fishing on Jeffery's remains fairly hot. Some dogfish pushed through a couple weeks ago and made catching them more work but they seem to have thinned out. Call me to book an unforgettable fishing trip before the summer passes us by. 
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Monday, May 30, 2016

Hungry Fish

Everything is biting! We have mackerel, stripers, flounder, haddock, pollack, cusk, and way too many cod. This week we have been inshore doing half day trips as the stripers have made their way into our area along with the mackerel. We managed about 35 striped bass for two trips this weekend including some keeper sized bass already! Last year we didn't see a keeper striper until half way through June! The fishing on Jefferey's has remained excellent. I'll be out there this week three times so I'll have an accurate report of what it's like by Sunday.

We've got open dates and tons of fish to catch! 603-918-3627

Happy Memorial Day. From all of us at Steaker Charters, thank you to all who serve and have served our country. You are the reason we are able to go fishing and enjoy our families. Your efforts and sacrifices are appreciated more than I can put into words. 
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring Fishing

The Spring has started off with a bang on the Nor'easter. The weather has kept us in two weekends, but, the three trips we have taken to Jeffrey's have all been outstanding. The latest was this past Sunday when we limited out on haddock for 6 people. We are allowed 15 per person this year and have been taking advantage of the new bag limit. There are also a ton of cod up to 20lbs that we are releasing every trip. The cod numbers seem to be very strong this year. We will be allowed to keep one per person starting in August. 
I am starting my striped bass fishing trips this coming weekend. I'm very excited to get the striper season underway after the success we had with it last season. The early reports from shore fisherman have been good. The schoolies arrived around the end of April and I just got some reports of keeper sized fish being caught today. That means it's time to go! The after work trips last year were a big hit and I will be running them again this season. Weekdays 4-7:30 for $350. That's $350 for the boat whether you come alone or with up to 5 of your friends. It's tough to beat that deal for a private striped bass charter! 
Give me a call at 603-918-3627 and let's go fishing! 
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Monday, March 14, 2016


We have been getting the boat ready with the nice weather over the past week. We have been updating some of the systems on board and the running gear (prop, bearings, steering) to this point. Once we get our new hatches installed we will be unwrapping the boat and installing some new LED lights and touching up some paint. This is also the time of year that we go through all of our safety gear and make sure that everything is functioning as it should and not expired. 
Our first trip is set for May 1 this season. There is some good news on the fishing front. Nothing in stone that I know of yet but the rumors are that we could be in for a major increase in the haddock bag limit and they may be doing away with the April and September closure. There is also word that we may be able to keep a cod or two per person in August and September. 
Last season with the heavy restrictions on the bottom fishing we focused on the inshore fishery for most of the year. I was able to expand my options for striped bass fishing and really zero in on some new areas where some large fish hung around. Hopefully with the bottom fishery looking up coupled with similar striper fishing we will be able to have a banner summer of fishing aboard the Nor'easter. 
I have been taking some calls and booking some dates in May. There are still some open weekend days and the midweeks are wide open. 
Our pricing will be the same this year as it was last year as long as the fuel prices stay down like they are now. All day trips will be $750 for 8.5 hours in the water, Half days are $425 and our after work weekday special striper trips are $300 for 3 hours in the late afternoon or evening. We do offer longer trips of 10 and 12 hours and will be open for bluefin tuna and shark charters anytime after the 4th of July. Call for pricing on those trips. 
I hope everyone had a great winter and is ready to make some memories while filling some coolers with fresh fish this season!

See you in 47 days! (But who's counting)

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Thursday, July 23, 2015


The fishing this month has been fantastic. We have been quite busy and have not had many trips without great action. The striped bass bite has been red hot along the shoreline with tons of mackerel still accessible for live bait. Fish up around 40" and 20-30lbs have been common. 
Offshore the pollack haveade their presence felt on our past few trips. We have had a good catch of them to go with a limit of haddock on nearly every trip. Big sharks and tuna have shown up as well adding even more excite rb to the day. Last week we had an all day trip where we got a great catch of bottom fish by 11am and came back inside and landed several large stripers. That combo has been popular this month. 
As I turn to August I expect the inshore fishing to stay strong with the amount of bait we are seeing and the warm water temps. Offshore normally we see the pollack fishing improve all through the month until its usual peak in the fall. The haddock should remain easy to get. 
I am hoping to find some guests that are interested in fishing for giant bluefin tuna this coming month as historically August is a good month for it and reports have been coming in of fish being caught in our range almost every day.
We do have some weekend availability for August and a bunch of open weekdays. Give us a call before the nice weather vanishes for another 9 months! 
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stripers and haddock!

I had a bunch of trips this weekend. Friday afternoon I had a half day striper trip. The wind was howling from the south and it was rough out front so we stayed in the Merrimack and Hampton rivers. We managed a few stripers and a couple flounder. 
Saturday we had an all day trip. The weather was perfect. We started by targeting haddock. They were savage. We had our 7 person limit in less than one hour of fishing time.... We didn't keep any fish under 20". We caught some mackerel and herring for striper bait after we got our haddock then headed inside where we picked at some stripers and caught 4 flounder. 
The night trip on Saturday was the best striper fishing we have had this year. We managed 20 bass. It was very steady with the bites. We missed a bunch of bites and broke 2 fish off as well. 
Sunday I took my kids fishing and we got a couple stripers and had a blast on the water.
My dad is going to be running the boat for me during the week this year. He had a trip on Monday. The wind was once again cranking almost 30 knots from the south so he stayed in the river. They managed 2 keepers and a few schoolies. Sounded like a good time in spite of the weather.
I have openings this weekend for morning half days. My dad is standing by for weekdays so give us a call and get out there. The weather is going to be fantastic!
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